Elevation Burger

“The goal is elevation.”  U2

Eatery:  Elevation Burger, 103 West 14th Street, New York, NY


Elevation Burger


Elevation Burger has a high-falutin’ philosophy.  Its motto is “Ingredients Matter”; its vision is for “an elevated product” made from high quality ingredients “sustainably prepared”, and an “elevated experience in a well-appointed and environmentally friendly setting.”  The support for the ingredients bit is a commitment to a bunch of 100 percentisms:  100% organic, 100% grass-fed, 100% free range, 100% ground-on-premises, 100% olive oil for the fries.  As a marketer,  I’m not a fan of the messaging – it feels like contrived language in support of a specific word in a brand name when, at the end of the day, taste is really all that matters.  Mini-rant over.


Elevation Burger Restaurant Signage aka Why You Can Feel Good About Eating Fast Food


I’d never heard of Elevation Burger before I came across yet another LivingSocial voucher – $10 for $20 worth of food.    This time I took Husband in a grand attempt to prevent overindulging ($20 in a fast food restaurant feels like a lot of food for one person).  We each ordered the eponymous Elevation Burger – double meat, double cheese and a choice of toppings.  As usual, I went the traditional route with my toppings (ketchup, lettuce, tomato) while Husband went all exotic on me and included balsamic mustard on his burger.  I also had a chocolate shake and we shared fries – which means the whole trying-not-to-overindulge thing didn’t really work out.

The Elevation Burger

First of all, The Elevation Burger looks great (the snap alongside does not really do it justice) – and it tastes almost as good as it looks.  The flavor is not very meaty but the burger is quite juicy.  It’s served on a standard white bun, and there was the tang of the sharp end of the cheddar family.  It must be said that the balsamic mustard option is a stroke of genius – the vinegary note it delivered was a really nice complement to the burger.  The fries were skinny with a bit of skin on and were a tiny bit greasy.  I liked them because they were really reminiscent of something your mom would make at home. Husband was not fond of them as he felt they were somewhat soggy.    The chocolate shake was fine but not exceptional.

Price:  Two Elevation Burgers, fries, chocolate shake and soda – $20.00 value ($10 paid with LivingSocial voucher).

Destination Burger:  Worth a try, but probably not deserving of a special trip.

Elevation Burger French Fries

Optional French Fry Rating:  I kind of liked them….Husband did not.  He’s a real french fry aficionado, so you should probably believe him.

Fat and Calorie Worthy:  Burger – yes.  Fries – possibly not.

Today’s Weigh In:  Have not yet had the courage to step back on the scale in the aftermath of my Christmas and New Year debauchery.  Call me a chicken.

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