“I like threesomes with two women, not because I’m a cynical sexual predator. Oh no!  But because I’m a romantic. I’m looking for ‘The One.’ And I’ll find her more quickly if I audition two at a time. ” Russell Brand

Eatery:  DBGB Kitchen and Bar, 299 Bowery, New York, NY

None of my usual non-food related preamble here – I friggin’ love this restaurant!  I love that it’s a fancy restaurant located on the Bowery, I love the drama of walking down a ramp when you enter the place, I love the industrial yet inviting space, and I love that they have a beer sommelier here.  Yep, that’s right – a beer sommelier.  This is my kind of joint – fancy and downmarket all in one go.

DBGB is the Downtown Manhattan member of Daniel Boulud’s commonwealth of restaurants.  The name is a play on CBGB, the legendary Bowery music club that shut down a few years ago and now houses a John Varvatos clothing shop.  The cuisine is best described as French bistro with a few decidedly non-French influences – including American-style burgers.

And burgers are, indeed, why Husband and I ambled in here one somewhat tipsy Friday night.  DBGB offers three burgers (each with a six ounce beef patty;  you can order The Monster and get two patties) – The Yankee ($14), The Frenchie ($17) and The Piggie ($19).  Or, you can order the Menage A Trois, thus sampling all the burgers while saving a massive $2 off the combined price of the three.    Given our status as financial geniuses, the $2 savings seemed totally worthwhile and we got the combo.  In order of my preference, here’s the story on all three:

DBGB: Menage A Trois

The Piggie:  Definitely my favorite of the three, and possibly my current favorite burger in all of NYC.  This one comes topped with jalapeno mayonnaise (plus a jalapeno pepper on top of the bun), lettuce, a mustardy variation on coleslaw and….wait for it….pulled pork! This is a virtual meat-a-palooza. Served on what the menu calls a “cheddar bun”, this was like a meatier, juicier, tangier version of a pulled pork sandwich.  Absolutely to die for.

The Yankee:  This is a great execution of the classic American burger, with lettuce, onion strips, tomato, cheese and a pickle on top of the sesame seed bun.  No distinctively beefy flavor here, but all the ingredients worked well in concert.

The Frenchie:  A good burger, but my least favorite of the three probably because of its utterly fancy European-ness – topped with confit pork belly, tomato-onion compote, morbier cheese and arugula (what is the thing about putting arugula on burgers in this town? They also do this at Schnipper’s…..).

The Menage A Trois comes with fries, which were the classic bistro style – sort of a less-oily version of those served at McDonald’s.  And that works for me.

Price:  The Menage A Trois – $48 (remember it’s three full-sized burgers…..and this is NYC).

 Destination Burger:  The Piggie – for sure! The other two….honorable mention but not “destination” for me.

Optional French Fry Rating:  Pretty good.

Fat and Calorie Worthy:  A resounding yes!

Today’s Weigh In:  Minus 3 lbs.

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