About The Site

Angels Crying On Your Tongue – an unbelievably long and unwieldy name for a website – is about eating and drinking well.  With “well” meaning in a fashion that appeals to the taste buds and the soul.  This site is not necessarily about fancy food or drink – just stuff that tastes really, really good regardless of where it falls on the food bling scale.

Why the crazy name?  Blame Husband, who once ate something delicious and said it was like “an angel crying on my tongue.”  Though I’m pretty sure he stole that from a beer commercial.

MJ Byers, kickin' it at Giraffe in NYC (photo by Gary Fong)

About The Editor

MJ Byers is a New York City based marketer and bon vivant.  Writing a food blog provides a really good excuse to eat and drink things she probably shouldn’t.  About the photo: it’s the summer look.  Come winter, she might go back to rocking the faux fur.

Contact Us

Want to suggest awesome food and drink places?  Want to tell us how fabulous we are?   Here’s where you can reach us: info@angelscryingonyourtongue.com


Angels Crying On Your Tongue is owned and operated by Tonica Projects LLC, a New York State corporation.




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