Broome Street Bar

Broome Street Bar (photo by Gary Fong)

“LONGEVITY, n. Uncommon extension of the fear of death.”  Ambrose Bierce

Eatery:   Broome Street Bar, 363 W. Broadway, New York

Broome Street Bar has been around for nearly 40 years, dating back to a time when its SoHo neighborhood was known as the “cast iron district.”  Though they don’t label themselves this way, the décor and vibe are definitely pub-like…..right down to the dark wood furnishings, chalkboard walls and old-fashioned patterned ceiling.  It’s a relaxed, no frills place that still manages to be full of character.  It also happens to reside on what I believe may be my very favorite street in New York City – West Broadway.  I used to have the occasional business lunch at Broome Street Bar.  Or, to be more accurate, I would have meetings here that would begin with business and end with boozing.  And always present at these gatherings were the burgers.

Bacon Cheeseburger at Broome Street Bar (photo by Gary Fong)

Broome Street Bar serves its burgers in a pita.  I have no idea why an old-school, attitude-free place would make a choice like this but I have to say that it works.  Pita is great for serving a sandwich without it being too bread-y, and holds up way better than you may expect.  Aside from the pita, the bacon cheeseburger I ordered during a recent visit had Swiss cheese, bacon (lots of it), onion and tomato.  You also get a choice of mustard or mayo to add (I chose neither).  This burger was about as close to perfect as it gets.  Very juicy, yet not too messy.  All the ingredients worked beautifully together, yet the meaty flavor took the lead (as it should but rarely does).  The small onion hoops on top provided a nice textural experience to carry you beyond the flavor delivery.

So, come to Broome Street Bar for the burgers.  Then stick around for a few beers.

Price:  Bacon cheeseburger, $10.50

 Destination Burger:  Yes.

Fat/Calorie Worthy:  Yes.

Optional French Fry Rating:  Had a salad and, for once, it was pretty darned tasty.

Today’s Weigh In:  Dunno – scared to look.

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