Legends/The Football Factory

“Confusion makes people uncomfortable.”  Lenny Kravitz

Legends. Or, The Football Factory at Legends. Who knows? (photo by MJ Byers)

Eatery:   Legends, 6 W. 33rd Street, New York

The first thing to say here is that I am utterly perplexed about what this place is actually called.  I set off to visit with the understanding that it was called “The Football Factory” (yes, I was there to watch a football match – one of the biggest of the year, in fact).   When I arrived, though, the sign said “Legends”.  Luckily, I knew that this was once its name.  The problem is that I think it may still be the name – kind of.   Apparently it’s “Football Factory at Legends.”  But there is also a website for the place called “Legends.”  So, is “The Football Factory” just one level or some corner of this establishment?   A message to Legends/Football Factory/Football Factory at Legends:  if you feel you need a little help with your branding (and, I kind of think you should), you know where to find me.

Obviously I don’t love the job they’ve done with their corporate identity, and I also didn’t fall in love with the place as a football bar.  One thing they’ve definitely got right here, however, are the Kobe Sliders.  And that was a big surprise, as I don’t normally expect pubs to serve good food. Served on a brioche bun, these juicy sliders are cooked to specification with a choice of cheeses.  They’re very tasty (though not my vote for best in the city) and so, so filling.  There are other restaurants that say they are including kobe or other wagyu beef in their burgers but I doubt they actually do in any significant ratio – the unmistakable rich mouth feel of the meat just isn’t there.  The Kobe Sliders at Legends/Football Factory/Football Factory at Legends are the real deal.

Kobe Sliders at Legends (photo by MJ Byers)


A note about the fries:  they’re not brilliant.  They’re not particularly crispy or brown, and they were a bit undercooked on the inside.  Even Husband – an avowed fan of chunky chips of this sort – was unimpressed.  And, as always, you should believe him.

Price:  Kobe Sliders, $14.00.

Destination Burger:  Great sliders, but there are better to be found at a lower price.

Fat/Calorie Worthy:  Yes.

Optional French Fry Rating:  Not great.

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