Harry’s Italian

“The only cure for a real hangover is death.”  Robert Benchley

Harry's Italian Pizza Bar (photo by MJ Byers)

Eatery:   Harry’s Italian Pizza Bar, 2 Gold Street, New York

The first time I visited Harry’s Italian I was, in fact, hung over.  So much so that I couldn’t bear to take advantage of one of the best parts about the brunch menu at Harry’s Italian – the bottomless Mimosas or Bloody Marys that come included in the price.  So that sucked.  Happily, the other thing that is positively awesome is the Hangover Pie (one of 18 great brunch  options available) and I eagerly took advantage of that.

Hangover Pie at Harry's Italian (photo by Tony Byers)

The Hangover Pie sounds weird but tastes delicious.  It’s a white pie (for the uninitiated, this means there is no tomato sauce) with pepperoni, hot sauce and……..wait for it……..french fries..  True to its name, that combination offers all the anecdotal hangover cures – bread, starch and grease to soak up or break up the booze, hot sauce to distract from the pain of overindulgence.  I’m not sure if eating this actually cures a hangover, but it sure feels like it should.  And, it’s tasty to boot.  The crunchy pizza crust, crispy fries, spicy sauce and salty pepperoni hit all the right notes; both flavor and texture were spot on.

One tip:  sit at the bar if you can.  You get faster service and freshly made Mimosas (vs. the pre-mixed ones they serve at the tables).  Though, it’s not clear to me that Mimosas work for or against you in the hangover recovery process.

Price:  Hangover Pie brunch deal with Mimosa or Bloody Mary AND coffee or tea included, $16.95. Such a deal! (Available Saturday and Sunday, 11:30 am to 3 pm).

Destination Meal:  Yes, for sure.

Fat/Calorie Worthy:  Yes.

Optional French Fry Rating:  Pretty good.

Today’s Weigh In:  Will get back to you when there is significant news to report – 2 lbs down, but between my short attention span and lack of long-term progress, I’m feeling a bit of ennui.

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  1. Misato says:

    You do not know what the drink is called you’re tanklig about, but I was a bartender for 11 years so I’ve seen a lot of hangover remedies. Some say that all you have to do is, one thing you got drunk on drink to take away a hangover. Others say you need to take aspirin and drink plenty of water before you go to bed and you will not even hangover at all. Still others say you need a raw egg in tomato juice mixed to cure a hangover. And yet, others say you need a raw egg into what you got drunk mixed. Point is, there are many cat reduction brew . some are probably many and probably not. Hope you find out what it means .. but be careful with all that raw egg stuff or you may chance to Yahoo! Clever searching for a cure for diarrhea . LOL Good luck to find!

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