The Growler Bites and Brews

“It is the growling man who lives a dog’s life.”  Coleman Cox

Eatery:  The Growler Bites and Brews,55 Stone Street, New York, NY


The Growler (photo by MJ Byers)


I previously mentioned that I’d been dying to try The Growler, which recently opened on Stone Street.   Why the excitement?  Well, first, it’s hot dogs and beer! And, second, it’s dog-themed  (the mascot is a cute little terrier) – how can you not love that?  What I didn’t know is that, apparently, a “growler” is a half-gallon glass jug used for take-out beer.  AND, The Growler sells growlers!  So, not only do we have a fairly upscale hot dog & beer joint but also a clever little pun.  Double yay!

Happily, this place more than met my very high expectations.  It’s roomy and comfortable, boasting the kinds of dark woods, low lights, great old songs and friendly bartenders that make one feel right at home (assuming your home is really nicely appointed).  The hot dogs are from the renowned Brooklyn deli Mile End and the cocktails are named after dogs (e.g. Old Pal, Golden Retriever, Irish Terrier).  Plus, there are a plethora of beers on offer.  This place was ticking all the boxes of stuff I love (Upscale hot dogs!  Puns!  Fancy beer!), and I was jumping for joy before I had one single bite of food.

Double Dog at The Growler (photo by MJ Byers)

I ordered the Double Dog Deal and Husband opted for the Lamb Merguez (a lamb hot dog).  Both were good though basic.  Mine was a steal considering the setting – two hot dogs for $9.  Three sauces were on offer – ketchup, yellow mustard and something called Spicy, Spicy, Spicy, Spicy or beer mustard (which was basically English mustard).  Plus, my dogs came with steamed onions which were pretty good on the hot dog but a bit sweet on their own.  The combo of these with ketchup and Spicy x 4 worked really well.  The  Lamb Merguez was reminiscent of a gyro, topped with cucumber yogurt sauce.

Lamb Merguez at The Growler (photo by MJ Byers)

For a beverage, I had the 21st Amendment Black in Black (just for the name), which is a stout with a bit of a chocolate-y note.  I intend to come back and try the Colorado Bulldog, which is vodka, Kahlua, milk and root beer.  I am salivating already……

Price: $9 for the Double Dog Deal, $7 for the Lamb Merguez.

Destination Hot Dog:  The dogs are good, but the mélange of food, booze and atmosphere is why you should come.

Optional French Fry Rating:  The Growler serves potato chips instead of fries – these were, well, potato chips.

Fat and Calorie Worthy:  Yes, if you love hot dogs.

Today’s Weigh In: Plus one pound, which is really quite good considering the damage I did to myself over the holidays.

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