Stuff I Eat That’s Kind of Healthy

Given that I am not at all pleased with my body mass and that I am actually trying to do something about this, it stands to reason that I do not live on burgers alone.   I also eat my fair share of fruit, veggies, cottage cheese, yogurt, fish, etc.  For the most part, you will never hear about these experiences because, well, they’re just no fun at all.  I do, however, manage to enjoy some of the healthier fare, so I decided to dedicate a section of this site to those meals.  They are, after all, still consistent with the mission of finding and gobbling up tasty food and drink.

This does mean, of course, I will need to introduce an additional rating system for the healthy food posts.  Until my fickle mind decides on something else, this scale shall be:

Destination Meal:  “Should I go out of my way to visit this restaurant and have this meal?”  More often than not, this is going to be a “no.”  Because it’s healthy stuff, and that’s almost never worth a special trip.

Healthy vs. Tasty:  My take on whether you should order this more because of low fat and calories, or because it’s a genuinely tasty thing to eat regardless of how good it might be for you.

Full-O-Meter:  An assessment of whether you will need to eat again in an hour or so.


Today’s Weigh In:  Because some things never change – I’m still a bit too Rubenesque for comfort.



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