The Burger Shoppe: $175 for a Burger?

“Nothing is more expensive than a missed opportunity.”  H. Jackson Brown


Eatery:  The Burger Shoppe, formerly at 30 Water Street in New York City’s Financial District.  “Formerly” because The Burger Shoppe filed for Chapter 7 back in June or July.  (Now is the part where I disclose that it has taken me months to get my ass into gear and post my food musings.  Don’t judge.)  The Burger Shoppe had the distinction of serving New York’s most expensive burger – the Richard Nouveau Burger, priced at a cool $175.  Husband and I made three visits – the first where we found out about the super expensive burger, the second where we tried to order it (and were told they needed 24 hours notice), and the third where we actually had the burger.  Now, here is where lead-in quote comes into play – I felt that I just had to know, first hand, how a humble burger could command $175.  And, thank God I did, or else that would have been a missed opportunity (see what I did there?).  Along the way, we did try some of their other (very good) burgers but, since none of this is actionable for the reader, let’s focus on the merits of paying so much money for a hamburger.  Spoiler alert: there are none.  And that, I suppose, is at least one reason why The Burger Shoppe is no more.

About the burger itself:  kobe beef, fois gras, gruyere, black truffles, and “golden” truffle mayonnaise.  Plus, the burger came with parmesan truffle fries.  And, the pièce de résistance – the whole thing was covered in gold leaf.  Seriously.  The good news:  one was more than enough for two people so, really, it was a steal at $87.50 a head.


Richard Nouveau Burger at The Burger Shoppe (photo by MJ Byers)

Was it good, you may ask?  Indeed it was.  The combination of the kobe beef, the fois gras (which, normally, I despise), and shaved black truffles was AMAZING.  I’m big on burgers that taste uber-meaty.  Meaning, you get a hit of the beef (or lamb, etc.) flavor even with toppings.  And this fit the bill.  The fries were awesome.  Realistically, though, I really believe there is a law of diminishing returns on a burger that costs more than $20.  I only use that figure because I live in New York, land of vastly overpriced basic foodstuffs.  In the real world, we’re probably talking about $10-$15.

Destination Burger:  Yes, but only for the experience of having a $175 burger (though, I must add, the bar upstairs was pretty cool – I’ll miss it).

Optional French Fry Rating: Excellent.

Fat and Calorie Worthy:  Yes, definitely.

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